And the end has come…

15 Aug

I want to thank all the followers of this blog for all the support you have given me over the last 200 and something days. I have fallen too far behind and have too much on my mind to continue.

I am sorry because I really did want to finish out the whole year but it is what it is. I don’t want to stress about this – there is no point in doing this if it’s not fun…



Day Two Hundred and Sixteen, Seventeen and Eighteen: Pink paper love

10 Aug

Here are the projects of the past 3 days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Unfortunately, I used the same pink paper background for all of these photos and I took the pictures in the house.

This was not the best idea.

A lot of the details were lost but, frankly, I wasn’t going to mess with another broken light bulb. I don’t know what is in those things but dealing with it made me nervous as hell.

The next one is my finger prints. (I know it’s hard to see) I am surprised I haven’t used this technique before. Maybe I did and I don’t remember doing it. I have made 218 hearts after all.

218! I still can’t believe it! I know that I have over a hundred and forty to go but that I have done 218 is staggering to me.

I know I say that a lot. I bring up the fact I have stuck with this A LOT. I am sorry about that – I truly am – but you don’t know me. I will start many things with great gusto but then I run out of steam and I quit.

By not quitting this – I am impressing myself.

This last one here…

Well, it’s a pile of uncooked oatmeal.

I turned it black and white to bring out the texture of the oats. I actually HAVE made one of oatmeal before. Wayyyyyyyy back at the beginning.  But it was cooked so this is different…

See you tomorrow….

Day Two Hundred and Fourteen and Fifteen: From the weekend

8 Aug

We were out looking at houses over the weekend so I am adding Saturday and Sunday’s projects today. Tomorrow will be Monday and Tuesday’s.

First, Saturday…

As much as I anticipate Summer – truly Fall & Winter are my favorite time of year.

The day comes every August. I wake up and decide I am completely sick of the Summer time and the hot weather. I want to wear sweaters and decorate for Halloween. I collected these images and made a digital sacred heart. I am ready Fall! Red rover red rover send Fall right over. Come on. Nobody wants another 111 degree day.


Next is Sunday’s heart…

I got a little clever clever with this one and I hope you will allow me a little artistic license here.

This is a REAL word find and the words listed below are REALLY hidden in there.

I got to thinking about what a lot of people do on Sunday’s when they get their papers. They do the crossword or some other weekend puzzle – like the Jumble or something – and I thought it would be cute if I could make a puzzle of my own.

If you print it out, you can work through it like any old regular word find.

It shouldn’t take you too long…


Day Two Hundred and Fourteen: Video killed the radio star love

5 Aug

"Pictures came and broke your heart..."

I can remember the very first video I ever saw on MTV when we finally had it installed in our apartment.

It was some heavy metal band called ‘Krokus’ and I think the video was “Screaming in the Night”. Wow – I was just looking at it on YouTube and I am fairly certain that was it.

You might think that first taste might put us off but my sister’s and I were hooked.We had it on all day long with the VCR set up to tape anything in a flash. We were exposed to some fantastic music, and some crappy music. It was like discovering The Emperor actually DID have clothes and they were sparkly!

MTV turned 30 on August 1st! I can’t believe that much time has gone by and how MTV effected our musical (and Television) landscape. I found bands there (on 120 Minutes, of course) that you couldn’t find anywhere else – bands that I still love to this day. I can’t believe so much time has gone by and I can’t believe some of the people who walked that highway with me are gone, too.

I don’t watch MTV anymore. I am not a fan of  “Jersey Shore” or  “16 and pregnant”.  I don’t know when the music left music television. I am not even sure they still show videos. But after 30 years, everything changes, you can’t hold that against them…

I made today’s heart in half-tone and it reminded me of all the New Wave art that was gracing album (then CD) covers at the time. I suppose it was meant to look futuristic – well – here we are, in the future, and it still seems oddly out of place.

Day Two Hundred and Twelve and Thirteen: Random love

4 Aug


I found this excellent butterfly/moth stock and decided how awesome would it be it find a little sacred heart on something like this just flying by.

How whimsical. And if you are of the religious sort, what a nice sign instead of Mary’s face on a grilled cheese sandwich.

I’m just saying.

Also have you ever been asked by your Dr. if you are seeing spots?

Because now you are.

I like this one because it’s silly and simple looking.


I had fun doing both of these and I am up to date – again – after I fell behind – again.

It’s a day to day thing and today our smallest family member got a sticker in her eye and we have been dealing with that. We had a trip to the vet and lots of drops and eye wash to deal with.

Poor love. She is only 6 pounds so of course she seems extra vulnerable.

Tomorrow I’ll be back 🙂

Day Two Hundred Ten and Eleven: Under stormy skies love

2 Aug

It might rain.

I managed to bring myself back up to speed today.

If I ever do another one of these 365 projects, I will choose something easier – like taking a photo of my little toe every day for a year.

Tim Burton Style

I can’t believe how difficult it has been to come up with something new/different everyday. You wouldn’t think it – I didn’t. I thought with a little planning and a little input, I would/could go a long way.

So – well – here are today’s (and yesterday’s) offerings…

I like the Tim Burton Style heart. It made me smile


The Retro one is just so so. I was fooling about very non-seriously with some colored pencils and came up with it. Thus the scribbled nature.


Day Two Hundred Eight and Nine: The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills Love

1 Aug

No projects over the weekend left me two days behind…

If I count today, I am three…

I am a tad bit uninspired because the rest of my life has been taken hostage and we are just sort of sitting around waiting for stuff to happen.

I am not good at waiting. In fact, I am terrible at it but I will prevail and whatever happens is for the best.

So here is Saturdays heart. It’s made from my son’s Civil War set of army men. I chose to use only the horses and the fences.

Sunday’s heart is puzzle pieces. All scattered about.


Tomorrow I will do two more and I will be up to date again. I don’t like to fall behind and I am determined to press onward. I need ideas!